Born in 1975 in Baden-Württemberg, Sonja is a German artist, who resides with her husband and pets in New York City.

Her passion for art developed in her early 20’s whilst traveling extensively throughout Europe, North Africa and North America. Light, shadow, movement and expression were an intriguing goal for her to capture in her early years of art expression.

Sonja Arroyo has utilized 12 years of experience in painting representational art, which ranged from figurative to landscape; to branch out into high textured abstracts and fluid paintings. As gallery represented artist, her work has been shown in diverse exhibitions and shows over the years and has sold worldwide, to find a home in many private collections. Her work has been published in Italy, Germany and the United states.

Using abstract art as her vehicle, Sonja wanted to bridge the gap between sculpture and painting, that’s when her sculptural abstract face paintings were born in 2009. 

As of today, Sonja mainly creates modern resin geodes and sculptural meditation wall art.

Artist Statement

I would describe my work as visual meditation. It’s a unique abstract approach, to reach a meditative state, which lets the viewer experience the important lesson of letting go. To reach a hypnotic and mesmerized state, that encourages to reflect on one's individual reality, without any pre-existing perceptions, which were shaped by time, history, environment, religion, appearances, mindset and personality.  A visual gateway to disconnect from the outside facade and reconnect with our true self - the essence within. Being a spiritual person, I work intuitively, with the goal to catapult one’s mind into a state of relaxation and ease in today’s vast world.