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Butterscotch is as pure pigment which can be used to create different types of paints and pigment pastes. This pigment is more opaque and matte in appearance and also has more coverage compared to Mica powders. Unlike Mica which distributes itself reasonably well as soon as you stir it into your binder, pure pigment powders are a little harder to incorporate because of their particle size.

In order to avoid clumping, it is advised to premix pigment with small amount of base material first to smooth in pigment and smash out any little clumps before adding it to your bigger batch.

Size: 25 grams 

To use in resin:

  1. Take a small amount of premixed resin and work the pigment in with a palette knife before adding it to your bigger cup of resin.
  2. Create your own pigment paste. Mix pigment thoroughly with part A (resin)  only. (see video example of maroon red)


Tip: get some small containers from the dollar store and mix smaller amounts with any leftover A resin from your resin brands. Sometimes we use resin and the B part which is the hardener starts to yellow and you don't want to use it anymore. Don't get rid off the resin A bottle which can be used to mix your own pastes and even create your own unique shades by mixing the colors. By mixing your own pigment pastes, you can control how big of a batch you would like to mix and can avoid dried out pigment paste jars.

Note: There are so many different and cool color combinations you can create with this pigment. As an example: Mix it with a clear acrylic medium to create paint. Details and shadows can be painted under or between your layers of resin.  Or use some white fluid acrylic paint and add a pinch to create gorgeous graduated pastel tones which can be mixed into your resin and are matte in appearance.

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